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518 Main Street (Rt 13) | Leominster, Massachusetts
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About Dan's Deluxe Detailing....
Daniel F. Brisebois opened at this location in 2000.  He worked previously at Southern Auto Auction in Enfield, CT and also doing home cleaning with a machine carpet cleaning company.

Always looking for a better and more efficient way to clean, he found that the most common ways of cleaning cars are easier, but not always better.  A great looking car still comes down to a lot of hard work; scrubbing, rubbing, and time.

One of the most important steps in waxing a vehicle is doing a clay bar treatment to remove surface contamination and road film from the finish.

Buffing a vehicle's finish is an overall term for rubbing the paint vigorously.  So even as basic as removing wax from the finish can be considered buffing.

We consider buffing the actual process of correcting the clear coat of imperfections, oxidation, and scratches.  The more correction you do to the finish, the longer the service will take.

Detailing is our primary business, we are detail professionals and offer our services year round.
Dan's Deluxe Detailing | 518 Main Street | Leominster, MA | Conveniently located in Mobil 1 and Classic Carwash
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